Kanjirappally is a taluk and a town in Kottayam district situated about 38 km away from the district capital, in the state of Kerala, India. National Highway connects Kanjirapally to major nearest cities. Kanjirappally, also known as the Gateway of Highrange since it is the geographic entrance to the ‘Malanad’ or the Hill country of Kerala, which extends to Idukki district and then to Tamil Nadu. Rubber plantations are a major source of income for the local population. Part of the Syrian Christian belt, the place has a large population of Syrian Catholic Christians. The Christians of Kanjirapally are known to be the earliest agrarian group in Kerala to have switched to plantation agriculture by the beginning of the 20th century. The place is, therefore, home to many legendary Syrian Christian families of Kerala, who owe their affluence to plantation agriculture, particularly Rubber. Since the early 1980s, Kanjirapally has won a special place in the hearts of Keralites, through scores of Malayalam movies that depict the region as a pocket of Christian affluence. The term ‘Achayan’, which is colloquially used among the Nasranis of Central Travancore, has always been synonymous with Kanjirapally.Kanjirapally boasts the highest number of rainy days per year in India, that is 163. The place receives the highest amount of Summer rains, Winter rains and Northeast Monsoons (Thulaam Mazha) in Kerala, making it one of the very few places in India enjoying equatorial rainforest type climate, with no distinct dry season. The well distributed rainfall pattern of Kanjirapally is the primary reason for the phenomenon of high yield of latex from Rubber plantations in and around the town. The average annual rainfall is 4156 mm. Kanjirappally is an old town that boasts of its religious harmony. The population in the town area is a mixture of Syrian Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. However, the Syrian Christians constitute the vast majority in the interior regions of Kanjirapally, where agriculture thrives. They also make up the dominant socio-economic community of the region.
Ganapathy Koil is a beautiful Hindu temple built in granite. Hindus from Kerala come here to offer prayers. It was built by the Vellala community of Tamil Nadu, but this 900-year-old structure is almost in ruins today, although the carvings and inscriptions on its granite pillars are still visible.
Madhura Meenakshi Temple is another beautiful temple in the heart of Kanjirapally Town. Devi Madhura Meenakshi is worshipped there.
St. Dominic’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Kanjirappally and was built in 1826. The 150th anniversary of St. Dominic’s Cathedral was celebrated in 1977.
Nainaru Mosque is one of the popular mosques in the region. The Nainaru Mosque attracts Muslims from the town as well as the surrounding areas to offer their prayers.

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